About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a cost effective method for farmers to increase crop returns. We aim to do this by providing them with a product that will deliver dramatic yield increases and provide a significant increase to farm incomes.

Our Vision

Our vision is to assist in creating vibrant farming communities where producers can not only produce the healthiest and highest yielding crops in a cost effective manner but do so profitably. We also aspire wherever possible and by whatever means possible to spread the “buy local” message to help primary producers remain viable.

Silicon Fertilisers

A twenty five year background in fine grinding of materials led to the formation of Silicon Fertilisers, and development of the current MaxSil™ product.

Unashamedly, we admit that (like most great inventions) the innovation came about by accident in plant trials where the chance inclusion of extremely fine silicon powder showed spectacular increases in plant growth. We’re a naturally curious group of people, so the imperative was set for us to work out why this occurred, and this started a steep learning curve.

Silicon Fertilisers was incorporated in 2008 and trademark registration and the first of many Patent Applications were filed soon after.

Results from various science based field trials over the past four years on crops such as onion, potato, sweet corn, poppy and wheat have proven that MaxSil™ can increase yield and dramatically boost farm income.

All testing and field trials incorporating MaxSil™ have been conducted by qualified agronomists and reputable agribusiness organisations such as Serve-Ag in Tasmania and Landmark nationally.

At 13,000 parts per million MaxSil has the highest levels of plant available silicon of any granular product on the market.

Compare apples with apples! Some manufacturers claim very high levels of silicon in their product – a more valid comparison is to look at the active component in the form of plant available silicon – this component is the only true measure of how effective the material will be in providing soluble silicon to the plant.

MaxSil™ is cost effective, easy to use, requires low dose rates and is simply the best value for money silicon plant nutrient available on the market.



MaxSil™ Patent

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