MaxSil™ is the Cost Effective Necessity in Agriculture

It is safe, easy to use, and can be applied at low dose rates. Research from Australia and around the world has found soluble silicon in the form of silicic acid when applied to farmland will:

  • Assist crops in balancing the uptake and translocation of micro and macro nutrients.
  • Help plants be more tolerant of salinity.
  • Contributes to strength and thickness of cell walls keeping plants erect for reduced crop losses.
  • Assist plants to resist attack by fungi and insects.
  • Assist plant growth in hydroponic applications.
  • Reduce the effects of manganese and aluminium toxicity.

MaxSil™ Increases Yields

The issue of inadequate soluble silicon levels in Australian soils has not been addressed until recent times. For example, a CSIRO study into the effects of silicon deficiency on sugar cane showed the problem is real and considerable and can affect most crops. The use of MaxSil™ to increase plant available silicon has demonstrated significant and cost effective yield improvements across a range of crops such as corn, wheat, tomato, strawberries, poppy, onions, potatoes and brussel sprouts. MaxSil™ is certified by the BFA as an allowed input for Organic Farming systems.

MaxSil™ is Cost Effective

The major stumbling block to correcting silicon deficiency has been the lack of a cost effective source of silicon material. The few imported materials available are extremely expensive and generally have elevated pH, requiring care in handling and application. Other “cheaper” materials such as diatomite and rock dust generally require up to ten times the application rate and are therefore not cost effective. Our new and innovative soluble silicon material MaxSil™ has been developed in Australia, from Australian materials as a cost effective solution for silicon deficiency. It is cost effective, safe, and easy to use.

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