Silicon Reduces Biotic and Abiotic Stress in Sugarcane

By: South African Sugarcane Research Institute

A review of literature and trial work by the South African Sugarcane Research Institute examined research results from Brazil, Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Australia, Mauritius and South Africa.

The review concluded that:

  •  There was solid scientific evidence that “significant responses” to silicon treatment in both cane and sugar yields varying from 10 to 38% have been achieved in several countries including Hawaii, Mauritius, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Florida and Australia.
  •  In almost every trial conducted to test the efficacy of silicon amendments to control biotic and abiotic stress in sugarcane there was a positive result
  •  In Australia the evidence is that “continual sugarcane production has undoubtedly lowered the levels of available silicon to the extent where can yields are being substantially affected”



 Luz, JMQ. Rodrigues, CR, Goncalves, MV and Coelho L. Universidade Federal de Uberlandia, Amazonas 4C 127 Uberlandia.

“The Effect of Silicate on Potatoes in Minas Gerais, Brazil” – A paper presented at the IV Silicon in Agriculture Conference, Brazil, 2008