Sugar Cane Response to Silicate Materials

By: Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Manjari (Bk), Pune, Maharashtra, India


Maharashtra, India


Not specified. Paper presented at the IV Silicon in Agriculture Conference, South Africa, 2008.

Silicate materials

The trials utilised a number of silicate materials, namely calcium silicate, power station fly ash and bagasse (cane residue) ash at levels of 200 kg to 1 tonne per hectare.


The trials were based on sugar cane crops.

  • Sugar cane yields “increased by up to 26 tonne per hectare over the control results”
  • “Pest infestation and disease incidence in the Silicon (Si) applied plots was almost negligible”
  • “Sheath moisture, available phosphorous content in the soil and leaf phosphorous content increased in the plots treated with silicon materials” 




Vasantdada Sugar Institute, Maharashtra, India

 “Response of sugar cane to silicon levels and sources in medium deep black soils”

(Phonde, DB, Pawar, BH, Yadav, RG and Ghodake, PV)