Silicates in Contemporary Australian Farming: A 20 Year Review

By: Mervyn Lynch

A review of literature and trial work by Mervyn Lynch, Principal of North Coast Testing illustrated that:

  • “Silicates have been used in Australia in broad acre agriculture, horticulture, viticulture and beef and dairy farming for 20 years with outstanding results in yield, quality, soil health and sustainability”
  •  With canola “significant improvement and performance has been consistently noted in yields, oil content and reduced pesticide and fungicide applications”
  •  It is fact that “these silicates fertilise and correct soil acidity also represents a significant cost saving for the farmer”

M Lynch, North Coast Testing Services, Bellingen NSW 2454, Australia

“Silicates in Contemporary Australian Farming: A 20 Year Review– Paper presented at the IV Silicon in Agriculture Conference, South Africa, 2008