NZ Hinemoa Trial


Numerous farm trials and commercial applications with MaxSil™ have been conducted over the past three years.

MaxSil™ has been proven to increase yield, and particularly marketable yield of both processing and seed potato. MaxSil™ shows an excellent return, in some case more than $1,800 a hectare over and above input costs.

MaxSil™ has been used to grow seed potatoes in the Crookwell area now for the third season in a row. The grower commented: “My pack out rate has increased by 20%, labour costs are down and pressure from insect infestation has almost vanished – I hope that Silicon Fertilisers do well with MaxSil™ as it is certainly doing the job for us. I won’t plant without it.”

Trials were conducted with MaxSil in New Zealand.  Product was applied at 100 kg per hectare and demonstrated yet again that MaxSil has produced a significant increase in marketable yield. Detailed results will be available soon.