Sweet Corn


Sweet Corn

MaxSil™ was used in a large scale farm trial on sweet corn. It was trialled in conjunction with a proprietary biological treatment. The MaxSil™ treated crop outperformed both the control and also the biological treatment and delivered an increased yield of around $2,000 per hectare.

This was a trial comparing a biological program using biological fertilisers and inoculants (Ausmin’s BioBrew range, and a Platinum fertiliser) to a conventional program on an sweet corn crop in subtropical conditions. The key question was to look at whether bio-fertilisers can improve or maintain crop yields, plant vigour and enterprise gross margin. Parameters measured include cost of inputs, nutrient use efficiency, cob yield & quality and plant growth & health over one crop cycle. The effect of the addition of a silica mineral product, MaxSil™ with good levels of soluble silicon was also investigated.


The results of this trial indicate the potential that the enhancement of soil biological fertility through the use of biological fertilisers has for improving nutrient use efficiency and lowering production costs in intensive horticulture and field crop enterprises. In particular the improvement in potential for roots to take up nutrients and water due to a larger root biomass and associated rhizosphere was evident in the biological treatments. The comparison of programs in this trial showed an increase in yield and Gross Margin in the biological treatments over the conventional treatments with the treatment that included a silicon seed coating (MaxSil) showing the highest Gross Margin.